Designing the potential
of Alternative Materials

Soft Edges

Creating New Meanings to Everyday Items

The simple items we use in our everyday life can contribute to environmental degradation. Therefore, Diaz Adisastomo and Adam Davies created Soft Edges, a range of wooden furniture with sharp corners covered…


Elevating a Space with Biodegradable
Interior Materials

Weavewave is a statement interior design piece created by Mohamad Taufaniari and Jennifer Stewart…

Dimple Tiles

A Second Life for Littered Cigarette Butts

To fight against Indonesia’s most littered item, Febryan Tricahyo and Alistair Byars came up with Dimple Tiles, which offers an innovative recycling solution to this waste…


Creating a Sustainable Material from Seashell Waste

Verra Febrianti Musriana and Olivia Aspinall proposed the use of discarded seashells to create environmentally and economically sustainable material rather than contributing to the world’s rubbish problem…

Bonding Bamboo

Creating a Healthy Working Environment for the Bamboo Artisans

Through Bonding Bamboo, Mega Puspita and Hannah Elisabeth Jones have elevated the value of the bamboo dust and strands…

With the success of the first version of Altermatter back in 2022, this programme is now continuing with a second chapter.

As we begin 2023, the British Council Indonesia, together with Applied Arts Scotland, Playo, and CAST Foundation are collaborating again on: Altermatter 2…

Did you know that alternative materials combined with excellent product designs can create limitless possibilities?

Through the integration of arts, science, and technology, the future of waste is now developed as new and alternative materials. The British Council Indonesia, together with Applied Arts Scotland, Playo, and CAST Foundation, collaborated on a new program: Altermatter.

Altermatter is a Material-Centered Design workshop held online between participants with experience in material development and product design from Indonesia and the UK. In the four-week to the six-week workshop, these participants have to develop everyday products using alternative materials. At the end of the programme, they get to present and showcase the 3D modeling concepts of their products.

Programme Partners

Programme Partners

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