Altermatter is a four-week to six-week online material-centered design workshop between material developers, product designers, and relevant experts from Indonesia and the UK. 

About the Programme

Participants were divided into five groups consisting of partners from the UK and Indonesia. Their task is to produce a 3D modeling concept of a product made of alternative material. 

Through this workshop, we use collaborative methods to narrow down the gap between these two professions of product designers and material designers. 

Held from January to March 2022, the programme consisted of three main activities;

Altermatter Webinar

The webinar is a part of a public program aimed to open up discussion surrounding sustainable craft materials, their impacts on the environment, and the long-term impact if they were to be produced and used on a bigger scale. Furthermore, the webinar aims to provide interdisciplinary perspectives on design, materials, and storytelling, presented by four speakers:

  • Slamet Riyadi, co-founder & R&D Director PALA Nusantara
  • Denica Riadini-Flesch, Founder of SukkaCitta
  • Prananda L. Malasan, co-Founder & researcher Ethnography Lab – Institut Teknologi Bandung
  • May Rosenthal Sloan, Curator, Writer, & educator
  • Moderator: Adil Alba, Founder & Chief Director of Playo

Watch the Webinar here.

Altermatter Workshop

Material developers and product designers were selected and paired in a team through a curation process led by British Council, Applied Art Scotland,  CAST Foundation, and Playo.
This workshop allows participants from two professions to work together and develop innovative ideas and concrete plans. 

Public Presentation & Showcase

Participants have to present the 3D modeling concepts of their products in an online public presentation setting. Everyone is invited to see how these products can push the boundaries of alternative material innovation and product design.

Watch the Public Presentation here.

Programme Partners

British Council

The British Council is the UK’s international organization responsible for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We connect, build understanding and trust between the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education, and the English language. Last year, we communicated face-to-face with more than 80 million people, and over 791 million people online, through our radio and TV programs and our print publications. Founded in 1934, the British Council is a charity and public organization that has become a legal entity with the Royal Charter. 15 percent of our revenue is covered by the UK government. 

Find out more:
Instagram: @idbritish @idbritisharts

Cast Foundation

An organization in Indonesia that supports meaningful design and sustainable ecosystems for the people and the planet through innovations found at the intersection of culture, arts, science, and technology.

Find out more:


Playo is an experimental playground to create, conserve, & connect sustainable solutions to deliver local impact.

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Applied Arts Scotland
Applied Arts Scotland is a membership organization run ‘by makers for makers‘ in Scotland. We nurture the creative heart and soul of making practice, celebrate expertise, and facilitate practical opportunities for creative and professional development.

Find out more:
Instagram: @appliedartscotland


DR Sam Vettese

Senior Lecturer

Dr Sam Vettese is a Reader in Applied Art and Design with 17 years of experience in Higher Education and seven years as an award-winning practicing jeweler and silversmith.

Her research is wide-ranging in approach, encompassing diverse areas of art, design, and heritage but with a particular emphasis on innovative, sustainable materials. She was returned in the RAE (2008) at Heriot-Watt under the ‘Art and Design’ unit of assessment and in the REF (2014) at Edinburgh Napier University for the ‘Communication, Cultural and Media Studies’ unit of assessment and led UoA 32 for the current REF. Her grant funding and awards total over 200K, and she has published several peer-reviewed journals, conference papers, and book chapters.


Nancy Margried

Social Entrepreneur

Nancy Magried created Batik Fractal and jBatik Software in 2007 to enact her vision of harnessing technology to transform traditional Batik art into a sustainable industry that supports communities. In 2018, she launched an app called DiTenun that enables the traditional weaving textile sector to generate new modern patterns. The app allows local artisans to revitalize their traditional patterns and enter the new market. 

With social innovation in mind, she is committed to empowering the community through product development, design, commercialisation and technology advancement. Nancy has spoken at numerous conferences such as APEC, Social ICON Conference in SMU Singapore, and ISIC Conference Warwick, UK. She is also a Chevening Scholar, TEDx speaker, and ZICO Asean 40 under 40. 

Programme Partners

Programme Partners

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